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London Fashion Weekend is a great place to discover current trends and as a stylist, I use this opportunity to meet new designers too. The AW16 event was no different. I met Radhia, the name behind the House of Spring brand.

I like to get to know more about anything I am buying into, and I totally bought into the concept of “When Paris meets London”. So we got talking. The brand is a team effort, it’s a House and like any other, each member has a key part to play in the designing and branding of the shoes. Radhia is from Paris, where she went to Fashion Business School. After graduating, she worked as a fashion buyer for a high-street brand in Paris for six years. During this time she nurtured her undying love for shoes, and her strong desire to set up a shoe brand. Experience as a fashion buyer helped her gain insight into product management. This stepping stone, later became the cornerstone of her business acumen.

TheKensington_HOSSo why London from such a beautiful city as Paris you might ask? As well as being conveniently linked to each other (we love you Eurostar), London was always her favourite destination for a quick getaway. In 2010, she met someone in London and started to split her time between the two Fashion Capitals. Soon the originality and creativity that British fashion is known for became apparent to her. Since then, she has allowed London’s’ energetic and playful life influence the Parisian effortless elegance that she grew up with. Together with her team, they have embraced the two lifestyles as the central dogma of House of Spring: Parisian chic and THE London look.

houseofspring_VendomeAt House of Spring, shoes are designed with the modern working woman in mind. Fashionable, attentive to quality and unique designs…for you and me. The Kensington collection is for work and play. The Honoré pumps come in a decent heel size: 10 cm. High enough to achieve elegance without the fear of DVT. I love this heel length because it means I can achieve a full day of work and even a social event afterwards without hurting my feet. The same is true for their heeled sandals.

houseofspring_Azur_nude_Spring is a transitional period and a good time to update your wardrobe too. A pair of heeled sandals is perfect for this period and will serve you well throughout the summer months. The Azur sandals are set to be a staple in our wardrobes. The icing on the cake: all their shoes are padded – thick, hard skin be gone! Their designs are achingly stylish AND pain free!

houseofspring_Portobello_ponyI am looking forward to their Iconics collection: loafers, loafers loafers! Perfect for the long commute in and out of work, those challenging days at work, running errands and for those days when you only have brunch with friends on your calendar. This collection of premium leather pumps is now available to pre-order on-line.


What will you be stepping out in this spring ?


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