The transitional capsule wardrobe

FW14W-Jewel-TonesAutumn sales are on and clocks will go backwards on Sunday, there is no denying it now, winter is here. You probably have already invested in a good winter coat or two but what are you going to be wearing under those coats? Winter is a good time to start building a capsule wardrobe as you are likely to keep to the same look throughout the season.

It is true that eighty percent of women only wear twenty percent of their wardrobe. As you bring out all your winter clothes from last year, take the opportunity to get rid of clothes that do not fit and those you will never wear. Sell what you can and donate the rest to charity. Most Charity shops will take any item of clothing whether or not they can sell it. Unwearable items are sold to rag collectors where they will be recycled and used for other purposes like making stuffing for mattresses. Keep the clothes that flatter your body shape and those with colours that complement your complexion. Add to the pieces you have left and create your winter capsule wardrobe.

Traditionally, a capsule wardrobe had twenty-four pieces that you could mix and match. This enabled you to spend less on clothes but get more outfits from a small number of items. Although you can add to this wardrobe, the traditional capsule wardrobe is not quite enough for the modern working woman. A transitional capsule wardrobe can be built around one season but can also house key pieces you can wear all- year round. There is no limit to how many pieces you can add to a transitional wardrobe, but there is one rule: each piece should be able to transition from work to a night out and vice versa. The exception however, is reserved for casual outfits. Arranging your outfits in your wardrobe will help you pick an outfit faster in the mornings. A good way to start building a transitional wardrobe is to get five of each of the main component of your outfit. Why five you ask?

Well, there are five days in a working week and three items, a skirt, dress or a pair of trousers are key pieces in an outfit, already giving you 15 possible outfits to last you three working weeks. Add blouses/tops/shirts/jumpers to go with the main pieces in your outfit. Neutral colours are best for transitioning from day to evening wear. Rotating your wardrobe helps you accommodate for days when you cannot wear certain pieces because they are at the dry cleaners for instance. If you are more of a trousers and trouser suit person, play around with different colours for your outfit to avoid wearing black all the time. Navy is a good alternative to black, is a lighter colour than black but is still slimming. You can get more ideas on what colours you can wear this season here.

CITY_-_DUSTY_PINK_GREY_You can get a wide range of items for your transitional wardrobe from your nearest departmental store. But for a quick upgrade of your capsule wardrobe, it is worth investing in a few key pieces from designers.

Four at 126 Upper Street is a pop-up shop for the modern working woman who needs a transitional capsule wardrobe. Esin Akan‘s new collection of City handbags are both beautiful and doubly functional. While the handbag is a good size that accommodates your work and personal items, the front pocket is a detachable clutch which instantly takes you from the office to after work drinks or a cocktail party. If you carry a lot of work between the office and home, the Westminster is for you. With two compartments,one  for work essentials and another for personal items including designated pockets, you will always find your keys! The Westminster bag also comes with an adjustable cross-body shoulder strap.

0025_Westminster_Rhododendron_Front.jpg_largeEsin‘s beautifully crafted calf-skin leather handbags complement the classic dresses designed by matilda & quinn. The Scarlet dress is fitted, designed to enhance the female silhouette. Made out of woven textured wool, the fabric will have a long life  and wont “shine” as some crepe fabric will do when ironed. matilda & quinn also make a fitted jacket, the Florence jacket, with gentle ruching on the sleeves and the front to give an elegant feminine touch. The Florence jacket will complement any pair of skinny leg trousers including jeans for a smart casual look.

Your feet will thank you for stepping out in Peponita‘s comfortable shoe range. From boots, heels to pumps, each pair has slim foam padding for added comfort, allowing you to be on your feet all day without the unwanted tired feet. For Peponita, maximising on comfort does not in any way result in a lack of style.

Battersea_dot_peponitaWhat outfit would be complete without the jewels? The girls at this pop-up understand that very well. Feel like royalty wearing a pair of earrings by  Kastur Jewels made out of 22 carat gold and precious stones. I love Kastur Jewels not only for their style and elegance but mostly for their “feel good-do good” philosophy and pledge. A percentage of their sales is donated to the “woman2woman” initiative that helps fight poverty by helping women and children in different and underprivileged parts of the world.

So where will you be getting your key designer pieces from?


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