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Tis the season to be jolly and to shop from the comfort of your bed! With the met office issuing warnings for severe gales and heavy rain in southern areas of England and Wales this weekend, I cannot imagine many people braving the weather to go out shopping. But as we are exactly two weeks away from Christmas, most of us would have wanted to use this weekend to go gift shopping or shopping for ourselves. So how can one avoid the tedious business of going out shopping on a wet and windy day and still do all their shopping before the mad Christmas rush next weekend? Your answer is in one word….

Shufflehub Logo2

SHUFFLEHub is a website that pools  up to 60 low to high-end High Street and designer shops into one place, allowing you to browse and shop from more than 1000 items for both men and women at any given time from any electronic device. The site uses images for easy navigation. I especially like the window shop that is made with the time-conscious shopper (dare I say lazy shopper)  in mind.

AllYourShops  Window_Shop

You can also browse all items together or use other  filters (shops, price, colour) to select the items you want to view.

ColourFilter_Unselected Colour_Women

If you are anything like me you will find the endless lists of filters on some websites pretty daunting to go through especially if you find you keep selecting the wrong filter!  Although SHUFFLEHub does use filters, I find them simple and easy to use because each filter has an image next to it which you can easily click.

DeepCategory_Filters  DeepCategoryFilters_Zoomed In

Not really looking for anything specific? Use the genius SHUFFLE bar to reveal a mix of random items. Each time you press the SHUFFLE bar, you will get 8 items to view. You can keep doing this for as long as you like. I find this is a great way to discover new trends. What’s more, you can sign up and save products that you would like to buy in the future and you will get an e-mail when they go on sale!

When you have found the item(s) you would like to buy, you can click on buy and the site will take you to the online store for that item. This ensures you can make your payment directly to the store you are buying from on a secure page.

ShufflehubProductPage_Goodhood   ShufflehubProductPage_Zara

This year Santa comes in the name of Toby Weinberg and Josh Summers, the first time founders of SHUFFLEHub. You can read more about them in this techy report.

If you haven’t already started shopping, happy shopping!




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