Seventy days and some…

I have been away from my blog and it’s been a period of enlightenment. Twenty one days to make or break a habit the saying goes, and if this were true, I would be selling my domain name to somebody else. I am thanking my lucky stars that this is not the case.

The Christmas season was, like for many of us, a big family do. I did no work and ate like a pig- I loved it! Then came the long stretch- January with its short days, cold nights and all that conversation around the coffee machine (or the hot water tap) about what your new year’s resolutions are …it was indeed a grueling month. I counted thirty-five days from my pay day in December to the one in January and alas, I had to give the January sales a miss. So what did I get up to you may ask? A few things came my way and have given me inspiration for my goals in 2015.

1. Into mind, a blog by  Anuschka who is based in Berlin is the go to place for everything and anything minimalism. Here, I found a blog that helped me reflect on 2014 and embrace 2015.

2. Sales. One thing dawned on me, and maybe this is what I had to tell myself in order to avoid the sales; only buy the items you would pay full price for else you are just hoarding. Refer to Anuschka’s blog for an expansion on why you wouldn’t want to attack the sales in full force.

LFW_COMP3. February. Being born in February means I can and I always at first, make a feeble attempt at sticking to my new year’s resolutions in January since my year actually starts in February. This gives me time to breathe and gain more perspective. A lot happens in February, The Grammys, The BAFTAs, The Oscars, The BRITS and of course the  AW Fashion Week shows all around the world! London Fashion Week always falls on the week of my birthday and depending on where I am, I am either attending LFW or I am not. This year, I  will settle for London Fashion Weekend and spend more time concentrating on the sidewalk, getting more inspiration and focusing on my vision for MyStylist.

4. Going back  to basics. In the spirit of minimalism, I thought of doing at least one blog on basics. We all have the everyday  basic tee but how well can we style it? Can we actually look good in basic tees and not have to break the bank to achieve the “fashion editor”  look. For that I have gone across to the Continent  for a little social experiment…watch this space.


But for now, if you are lucky enough to be catching the last of the winter sun, a few style tips: mismatched swimwear when tastefully done will have everyone giving you second looks…no one wants to be the one who did not spot that  famous somebody (insert style/fashion icon/celebrity/blogger/you-tuber name here). This trend started in 2013/2014 and it’s here to stay.runway_wrap_160_3

Gone are the days when flying was considered a style event. Only the jet-setters, (with private jets) can afford to make a fashion show of the whole business. For the rest of us, comfortable leggings/jeggings, shoes and a bomber jacket will do just fine. Let your carry-on luggage  make the fashion statement. Do carry in your hand luggage a lighter outfit to change into before you touch down. The last thing you want is to get off a plane into 30 degrees heat in your thermals!

Bon voyage! If you are travelling, and if not, hope you are enjoying all the fashion that the awards season and the different Fashion Week shows have brought to you.

Do let me know what your likes and dislikes are from your observations and most importantly, what  you would  like to read more of.





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