Match Day

2016-02-03 22.42.01Last week I went to my first football match, a proper football match, I was told to take it seriously hence this post. Unfortunately I wasn’t well prepared. I took a pair of skinny jeans to work in the hope that I would change into them after work and will be warm enough. I was wrong. By the time I walked the 10 minutes from my building to the underground station I was freezing. I checked the weather forecast again and the minimum of 10 had drastically dropped to 5 degrees! I was left with two choices; to either go to the match anyway and hope that for some reason, I would be warm enough, or to go home and change. I went home of course!

Collage 2016-02-03 22_51_43

Headband: Barts, Snood: Mango, Gloves: Debenhams, Cross-body bag: Dooney & Bourke

Before I say what I was wearing, you probably should know it doesn’t take much for me to freeze. Although I grew up with some sort of a winter, I know I will never get used to English winters. Thermals are therefore pretty standard for me at this time of the year. So I wore my usual work trousers, a shirt, jumper, a scarf and an outdoor jacket- why? I usually wear a winter coat like most people do. In the winter I wear ankle boots to work (and change into brogues or pumps) which I had on this occasion. Big mistake. The boots left my ankles exposed to the cold, the outdoor jacket was too short- my thighs were not covered and I didn’t have a hat! I did have a good pair of gloves though.

Fortunately I made it home with enough time to freshen up, change and head to the match. I was much warmer and comfortable in the end and got to enjoy a good game.

The clothes I am wearing in the picture above are pretty old now so I looked around for similar items that you can purchase to achieve the same look. However, you can still get the headband and you can get a newer design of the cross-body bag.

Collage 2016-02-03 22_28_33 (1)

Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Skinny jeans: Dorothy Perkins, Coat: HOBBS, Boots: Clarks

I love Barts Faux Fur headbands because they are warm, stylish and they stretch well to accommodate changing hairstyles without getting damaged.

I am not a fan of  the normal woollen  scarves, they are always either too long or too short for me so if I can help it, I wear snoods.

Soft leather gloves are a must for me in winter and these ones have a wool blend knitted palm which not only makes them warmer, but classy too.

Cross-body bags are good for when you are doing lots of walking like when on holiday and that’s what I usually use mine for, and now I have another use for it- match days (not that I am in a hurry to go to another one)! Dooney & Bourke do “all weather leather” bags, quite literally. I have walked through rain and snow and my bag  withstood it all. I like them even more because they come with a flap and a buckle for security.

Skinny jeans and a shirt or top usually make up my go-to casual outfit. I love knee- high boots because they keep my legs warm. They have to be flat when worn with jeans. I don’t actually own a good knee-length parka so I wore my winter coat. A knee-length waterproof jacket with added insulation like this one is more appropriate for a cold evening.

Hope you find the ideas from this post helpful. The good thing about this outfit is that you can wear it anywhere outdoors.

Enjoy x



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