London Fashion Week… and the sidewalk

LFW As London Fashion Weekend comes to a close today, I thought I’d put together my highlights of London Fashion Week which inevitably led to the birth of this blog!

The first thing I always look out for whenever I arrive at Somerset House for Fashion week is what the ushers are wearing. This autumn they were dressed in gorgeous tunics by Osman  worn with black chinos and platform patent loafers by Mango. It took me a while to figure out the image on the back and I was getting a little frustrated then I saw the clever art!

LFW_Osman_usher2 LFW_Osman LFW_Ushers_in_Osman LFW_Osman_usher

With tickets in hand, my friend and I made it to Holly Fulton SS15 catwalk show – thanks to Vodafone for sponsoring the tickets. This was our first catwalk show  and apart from being excited about simply being there, we loved Holly’s designs! We even did a bit of celebrity spotting! Brix Smith and  Amber Le Bon were on the front row!

Amber Le Bon waiting for   the Holly Fulton SS15 show to start

Amber Le Bon waiting for the Holly Fulton SS15 show to start

Because I am not a professional fashion blogger, I will not attempt to describe the show here. Instead I will point you to what I think is a really good piece in the Telegraph on Holly’s SS15 designs.

Once the show was over, it was time for people-watching on the Somerset House sidewalk. There were a lot of very well styled outfits but I only have time to share my favourites with you. What I found most interesting was how well styled the photographers were and the number of fashionable animals that came to the sidewalk too! I am sure we will be reading more dog blogs other than Lenny‘s from Stylist Magazine.

Who said working with animals is dirty work when you get to wear tailor-made suits and work with this little cutie.

Who said working with animals is dirty work when you get to wear tailor-made suits and work with this little cutie?

I love that pashmina wrap.Definitely on my autumn shopping list!

I love that pashmina wrap. Definitely on my autumn shopping list!

Sunglasses, military greens and bare legs is very now as the weather transitions from summer to autumn.



We also got a chance to chat to and people-watch with Ivan Fahy, he is now our favourite model.  We hope to see him gracing the catwalk with his gorgeous androgynous looks very soon.

Other gorgeous outfits I spotted are the floral  dress by Lulu’s  which is one of my favourite outfits from that day if not THE favourite outfit. Felt hats were everywhere, with one of the photographers wearing that vintage Vivienne Westwood hat that makes us all Happy!

Fashion blogger Lucia Lolita shows us how to colour-block

Fashion blogger Lucia Lolita shows us how to colour-block


THE Lulu*s dress….Forget lycra, this is what the modern Wonder woman would wear!

Ivan Fahy....those legs are to die for!

Ivan Fahy….those legs are to die for!










Coordinating outfits are really hard to pull-off but this pair did it beautifully in felt hats , autumn hues and a dash of summer.

 There were definitely no straw hats insight!

There were definitely no straw hats insight!


Apart from the street stylists, there were up-and-coming designers wanting to showcase their work for this season. There were military-style jackets, denim and double-denim designs, designs with layer after layer of different fabric and last, but by no means least, was Lammin.

Lammin is an elegant hooded scarf, designed by Finnish designers and made in Italy to a very high standard.  It comes in different colours and is reversible. This versatility meas it can be worn with at least two outfits and to add to that,  its a unisex piece! You can purchase one between a couple/friends/brothers/sisters and wear it in two different ways. Alternatively buy one each and between the two of you, you have four different Lammin hooded scarves! Lammin do not currently have a shop in London. However,  to get your own discounted Lammin Tupla (reduced from €90 to €60), simply enter the unique discount code DISC-0100 at the final stage of checking out on their e-shop. Remember, winter is coming!

This winter's must have!

This winter’s must have!


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