Getting confidence from your outfit

Most people will have spent the weekend shopping or window shopping for the latest autumn trends and reading different blogs on what to wear this autumn/winter. Although all this is relevant research and shopping time well spent, I don’t think we get that “pizzazz” from even the perfect outfit without the right underwear!

Trouble is, changing your entire underwear drawer can be very costly. You will be excited to know, as I am, that you can now recycle your old underwear and t-shirts for store vouchers to purchase new underwear! Simply wash your underwear, fold it into separate bags and take it to Intimissimi. The best part is, your underwear can be from any shop/ brand!

The fall / winter collection is already in stores. Intimissimi and I:CO have joined forces to help you make more room in your closet. Until the end of December 2014, customers can return disused undergarments to selected stores of this Italian lingerie label.

Get £3 for your old bra, £2 for an old t-shirt and £1 voucher for an old pair of knickers!

Get £3 for your old bra, £2 for an old t-shirt and £1 voucher for an old pair of knickers!

So now you can get all the underwear you want…

1. Get the right bra.

It is not uncommon to ruin a good outfit by wearing the wrong bra. It’s worth investing in different types of bras to go with different outfits. Just as you wouldn’t wear your bralete to a kick-boxing class, you wouldn’t wear a sports bra to a business meeting. We spend a lot of time in our bras everyday so it is important to get a comfortable bra. Whilst underwired bras can give you a lift and more support, the wire may become uncomfortable as the day progresses. Microfibre bras are a good alternative to underwired bras and if you want an extra lift, you can get one that is double-padded or a push-up bra for extra cleavage. A minimiser bra is great if you want to reduce your bust size.

2. Get your bra size checked.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a bra that is too tight and possibly nothing more embarrassing than falling bra straps. Most departmental stores will have a bra-fitting service which you can access for free. Some women may find that their bra size slightly changes depending on their cycle. It is worth getting a second bra-fitting done at that point in your cycle where you feel the changes. You may find that a different bra or cup size will suit you better when you are ovulating for instance.

3. Get a few bras in your skin tone, then lots in your favourite colours!

Wear a bra of your skin tone when wearing a white outfit. This is so your bra is not visible under a white top. Get a strapless or backless bra in your skin tone so your bra is not easily noticeable if you have a small wardrobe mulfunction. To add more fun to your outfits, get a set of underwear in your favourite colour, style or design. In fact get two or more of the same! This will be your confidence bank. The underwear we like the most is likely to give us a bit more confidence.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for your knickers.

We mostly wear fitted underwear which can trap heat and moisture. Invest in loose- fitting cotton knickers which you can change into after you get back home. There are so many styles of knickers I couldn’t go into detail here but you can use this knicker style guide to help you decide what you will be most comfortable in.

5. The thong and G-string?

I put a question mark at the end because there are two camps here. The thong/G -string lovers and the thong/G-string haters. The thong/G-string lovers will wear it under anything, not necessarily a figure-hugging dress or skirt, leaving the rest of us lamenting over what we are going to wear under that gorgeous bodycon dress…which takes me to my last point…

6. No VPL!

Knickers with no visible panty line mean you can forget the discomfort that comes with wearing a thong or a G-string. The no VPL is very comfortable, made with light fabric and has discreet seams. Available in almost all high street stores, you can also invest in more luxurious and seem-free no VPL knickers from high-end shops.

7. Pick an outfit, wear a beautiful smile and  voilà… you’ve got THE pizzazz!



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