Fusion Maia – Day 4

I was woken up by the sun shining into our room. The open plan layout allowed the light to filter in through different angles. Finally our Fusionista had fixed the weather for us! Just as well because today mattered…a lot. That sun had to shine. I was excited. Marcus slept soundly as I got ready for yoga.

Our yogi was already in the studio, mats laid out, a bottle of still water and a cool face towel next to each one. She greeted me with a smile and we started talking about my yoga practice whilst we waited for other people to join us. I secretly hoped that no one else would be up for seven o’clock so that I could get a private session. When the instructor said we would start, my inner self was doing a little wiggle. I had half an hour of butterfly and laughter breathing. The practice aims to balance the left analytical and right creative brain, release anger, increase happiness whilst teaching you the breathing basics that improve circulation of oxygenated blood. I had not done any healthy breathing exercise before but I was impressed by how my blood circulation improved and the strengthening I felt in my core afterwards. I felt rejuvenated, as if I had been plugged in and powered up. At half seven a few other guests joined us for the fusion flow yoga class. I wished I could stay for the class but I had somewhere else to be.

Marcus was still in bed when I got back to the room. Waking him under the pretence that he needed to get ready for our breakfast date at nine o’clock was easy. Getting him to wear trousers and a white shirt to breakfast on the other hand wasn’t, but he did, knowing something was up. When he saw me dressed up the penny dropped. All the times I had been going off to meet with our Fusionista I wasn’t going to ask about excursions, I was planning something and he was the centre of it. Now he was about to find out…and it made him smile, from ear to ear. I couldn’t stop smiling either.

fusionbreakfastWith our bamboo slippers on, I walked Marcus to the beach. Our Fusionista, the events manager and a photographer were standing next to a breakfast table. Our breakfast table. And they too, were grinning from ear to ear. They went all out to make the day very special for us. The sun was beautiful, the sound of the ocean calming, everything was perfect. It goes without saying that breakfast was another heavenly spread. Marcus had his steak and I had watermelon juice in gallons!

Friday was always going to be a beach day. Thank goodness the weather showed up. We moved to one of the day beds with some cover for lunch on the beach. We only left the beach half an hour before our spa treatments.

We booked our appointments back to back. First I had the warming coconut clove. The therapist gently applied the coconut mask all over my body then I was wrapped in a thin plastic film, covered with towels and left for about 45 minutes to allow the mask to penetrate the skin. This treatment is perfect for replenishing the skin especially after spending the day on the beach. I am pretty sure I fell asleep as soon as I was covered up. Afterwards, I used the shower to wash off the mask and had my second treatment: mindful energy which is a Reiki treatment. I didn’t know much about this Japanese therapy but I wanted to find out what all the “hype” was about. The therapist used the laying of hands to transfer heat energy to different parts of my body. I thought she was holding a candle in her hand but Marcus later told me he could see she wasn’t. I couldn’t believe it because I certainly felt heat over the different parts of my body that she worked on. I fell asleep about ten minutes into the treatment. When I woke up, I felt more relaxed, peaceful and well balanced. It is hard to describe the feeling but it was a healthy glow from inside going out.

We went for dinner at seven. Marcus was more relaxed now that all the surprises were out of the way and I could see he was looking forward to a relaxed evening without drawing any attention to himself. Our Fusionista had seen to it that we had the best table in the restaurant. Our table was decorated in the same theme as our breakfast table. At this point everyone who was in on the surprise felt free to come and talk about it. There was an overwhelming sense of friendship and love that the staff readily shared with us, the Fusion Maia Fusion feeling. It was beautiful to be able to celebrate our love not just between us but with the staff too. The chef had prepared a beautiful tiramisu cake for dessert. We couldn’t finish it all so we shared it with the staff and a few other couples who were at dinner at the same time as us.

The turn down team had already been to our room when we got back. And so had our Fusionista. Fresh flowers were scattered on our bed and in the bath. Outside, paper lanterns floated in the swimming pool. It was the perfect romantic setting. Of course it was, after all our Fusionista was French!


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