Fusion Maia – Day 2

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Wednesday was always going to be the most relaxed day, the day we did nothing. Our spa treatments were booked at 12:30 to allow for a long lie-in and 4:30 so we could fill the day.

Room service once again came to our rescue. Being the fried breakfast fans that we are, we ordered an omelette and orange juice for Marcus and smoked salmon and scrambled egg and the smoothie of the day for myself and of course a hot beverage each. Within half an hour of placing our order, breakfast was served. Included was a generous selection of pastries, croissants, yoghurt, granola, sesame crackers, brie and some local bananas! The quantity of the food in no way took away from the quality. The food was heavenly. I particularly loved the smoothie of the day which matched the pastel colour theme at the resort. This was the Fusion Maia signature smoothie. A freshly blended blueberry smoothie that was a perfect shade of purple. What I wouldn’t do to give all my smoothies the delicate consistency, burst of flavour and that perfect colour.

After the Thai stretch massage the previous night, I wanted a treatment that would be gentle and help me change my mindset into full relaxation mode so I went for the holistic head therapy in the morning. The treatment was only half an hour long but it was very effective. It definitely helped me let go and ease into the peaceful surroundings.resized breakfast

In the time between the two treatments, we went to explore the spa library. Unfortunately our Fusionista hadn’t quite got to fix the weather for us just yet and Marcus is an avid reader so the library was a sensible place to hide out. The library was tucked away on the first floor of the spa and overlooked the spa pool. The slowly rising steam from the pool and the foliage surrounding parts of it gave it a mystical appearance that induced a deeper sense of relaxation. The spa garden spread out in front of it, a few gazebos and day beds dotted around it. Everything was quiet, everything was peaceful, it was perfect.

No one else came to the library so we had a couch each to ourselves. I was very impressed by the book selection in the library. As you can imagine, everything about Fusion Maia is tailored to natural living, good health, wellness and mindfulness. I was pleased to find not one but three books I own and have read and another two I purchased before going on holiday. Maybe I am on the right path after all! I read a little…then I fell asleep. It wasn’t long before Marcus woke me up saying we had half an hour to our appointment.

My second treatment was a warm pressure massage. I hadn’t slept much because of jet lag so I chose a gentle treatment to help me relax further and hopefully sleep better that night. The warm pressure massage is a fusion of Ayurveda and Swedish massage using coconut oil. It was calming and although part of me didn’t think I could be more relaxed than I was at that stage, my body showed me otherwise. I was definitely starting to enter a deeper relaxation mode and all the tension was going away.

For dinner we went to the beach-side restaurant Fresh. They serve a lot of fresh dishes that are on the natural cleansing programme. The restaurant is perfectly positioned, the “infinity pool” to the left, followed by the beach then the sea spreading into the horizon, the view is breathtaking. With good food, good wine, the soft glow of the garden lights and the sea roaring into the night, I couldn’t have wished to be anywhere else.

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