The AW15 designers to look out for from LFWeekend

LFW_COMPI usually go to LFWeekend with Marcus or one of my friends and make a whole social event of it. I love it that way. It’s fun, there is lots of laughter and we create many memories which I have no doubt we will be tapping into when we are old. This is why I love LFWeekend. Of course there is the fashion, style, designers etc but all that goes without saying. This year however, I braved the AW15 pop-up by myself. I didn’t purchase any catwalk tickets either so I  spent time going through all the designers and really taking in the different products they had to offer. My aim, to find a handful of “it” products, something that I can see myself adding to my collection of basics. And I did.

Pum Pum socks

The name alone says how much fun these socks will bring in to your life.

Jacket: Vince Camuto, Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, Boots: Clarks

Jacket: Vince Camuto, Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, Boots: Clarks

pumpum socksI totally bought into the whole Caribbean carnival thing and come August I will be rocking these with a pair of comfy trainers. You can wear Pum Pum socks to liven up a formal outfit. This works well with mini, short or midi dresses coupled with trainers, loafers or pumps. If you are really brave, you can wear them with chunky heels. I tried them on with ankle boots and it worked really well.

Loxley England

This is a brother and sister brand that represents true British style. Their luxury leather goods are both practical and stylish. So why Loxley and not everybody else making bags and other leather goods at the moment? Well to start off, their selection is small, for now anyway. Some might take this as a bad thing but I certainly don’t. Instead, I think this means they spend more time on their design and production, and it shows. Their designs have a clean aesthetic without looking too clinical. Their full grain leather handbags lined with Liberty Arts  Fabrics makes them both timeless classics and modern, perfect for the working woman who is looking to add a touch of sophistication to their look. They have also designed clutches and purses in fun bright colours. My favourite bag is the Devonshire tote made out of full grain leather.

Leanne Claxton

Jacket: Vince Camuto, Scarf: Leanne Claxton Bespoke, Shirt: MANGO, Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, Clutch: Karen Millen

Jacket: Vince Camuto, Scarf: Leanne Claxton Bespoke, Shirt: MANGO, Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, Clutch: Karen Millen

When I turned the corner into this exhibition space I was greeted by lots of rich colour and a Leanne’s big smile. I fell in love with both! You can imagine how nervous I was wandering by myself trying to talk to designers on my own, being greeted by such a warm smile made all the difference. She also styled me with one of her scarves! More than just the smile though,was her product.

I love scarves and usually will wear a butterfly print or a floral one. However, I find the floral prints tend to not have much details on them and  I sort of had given up on getting anything close to what I wanted, until I went through Leanne’s bespoke collection. She draws all the designs and hand prints them onto silk which is then hand finished the traditional way. You can watch her bespoke film here.

I would like to know who your favourite designers were this year, who you would like to see again and what you wish was available.



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